The President's Twitter

The president’s use of a public platform like Twitter to talk directly with the American people is unprecedented for the presidency, and it raises legal, ethical, and cultural issues that have never been tackled in American politics.

This article was posted back in the Fall of 2017.

I suppose we can swap out "American" for "International" politics.


FC Barcelona: Content Marketers

The recent Griezmann documentary, produced by Pique’s company, is something he thinks should be coming from the club...
— Lionel Messi's Barcelona retirement: Presidential hopeful Victor Font on a new era

Great article - what's life like at Barcelona post-Messi? We'll soon find out Real Madrid how the club manages revenue with Ronaldo now in Italy. The post-Messi era for Barcelona will be so much more difficult.

I've been shopping this article around at the office.

It's Really Exploding

You can only ignore the will of the people for so long and get away with it.

This geo-political climate is turning out some amazing articles and authors.

The New Democrats

But if the interests and policy preferences of the wealthy take precedence over those of the average citizen, that is the politics of plutocracy, not populism.


Ocasio-Cortez’s first point was that being opposed to Donald Trump and his actions, while essential, isn’t a sufficient political strategy

Both quotes are from the excellent NYTimes articleAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Message to the Democratic Party.

Whether you agree with Pelosi or not, quite the upset and quite the future in politics. 

Speaking of Subways

In Byford’s office, on the thirtieth floor of a building in lower Manhattan, an oversized monitor displays a real-time list of subway incidents and significant delays. It’s a detailed, constantly updated vision of Hell...

Andy Byford is the "new guy". He comes off pretty good in this article and certainly has some experience. Going against the status quo and the New York status quo - he'll need it.

"The Tunnel That Could Break New York"

His success seems to stem from his willingness to spend money and his sheer force of will, a nicer way of describing his willingness to make people miserable until the work is complete.

I'm not sure there's another city in the world that depends so heavily on its tunnels, trains and bridges as New York. London, maybe?

When we were living in NYC, it was the focus of nearly every conversation. The bridge and tunnel crowd. Chris Christie's bridgegate scandal. The Triborough Bridge being renamed to the RFK bridge. The 2nd Avenue subway line.

We left the city in 2016 and having utterly depending on the subways to get around, I can't imagine living there now. This article doesn't make it seem like it will be getting any better any time soon. Fingers crossed for the new guy.

(We were there a few weeks ago and while subway service is impaired for rail work during the weekends, nearly every single line was suspended.)


The City 🍎

We recently took a trip back to New York City, mainly to watch World Cup matches in country-friendly locations. In between games, we did nearly 40 miles of walking through the streets and parks of New York, along with the occasional subway and taxi ride.

I used the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal and DJI Spark drone to film the majority of this footage.